Student Organizes Pro-Gun Walkout: 'You Can Only Violate a Right, You Can't Take It Away'

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said he's "very confident" that Republicans will keep control of the chamber in November. 

McCarthy, seen as a potential replacement for retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan, said he believes voters will turn out when they realize a so-called "blue wave" will mean Nancy Pelosi retakes the gavel. 

He said Republicans must avoid "internal battles" and keep pushing for more "legislative successes" on top of the new tax law. McCarthy said Pelosi led the way as Democrats opposed the tax cuts and she downplayed the benefits as "crumbs."

"Democrats are trying to stop everything," he said, specifically criticizing obstruction of bills to combat the opioid epidemic. 

"What are they running on? ... That [Nancy Pelosi] stops this president from any appointment that he can get to help this government move forward? ... All they want to do is capture this government in order to impeach this president or stop anything from happening or raise your taxes," he concluded.

Watch the interview above and check out full Fox News coverage of the midterm elections. 

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