Teen Who Was Shamed Over 'Racist' Prom Dress: 'I Would Definitely Wear It Again'

The panel on Saturday night's "Greg Gutfeld Show" found a solution to cultural appropriation after a Utah high school student was accused of racism for wearing a traditional Chinese dress to her prom.

A photo tweeted in April by 18-year-old Keziah Daum of Salt Lake City shows her crouching in a red-orange embroidered gown and posing with friends, with their hands folded together — a gesture many deemed inappropriate.

"This trend, the social justice warrior movement, is the literal fun police," Gutfeld said.

Daum quickly received hundreds of angry comments, with people accusing her of cultural appropriation because she's not Chinese.

"Any group that is devoid of humor is dangerous because you cannot engage, you can't have fun with them," Gutfeld said.

"But luckily, we live in a time when that stuff happens, we have a citizen president, and I'll just do what the president would do," Fox News contributor Tyrus added.

He noted President Trump's tweet from 2016 in which he posed with a taco bowl "made in Trump Tower Grill."

"I love Hispanics!" the tweet stated.

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