ICE Director Homan: Migrant Caravan Is an 'Attack on the Sovereignty of This Nation'

CRTV host Michelle Malkin ripped what she called "questionable" asylum claims by immigrants within the caravan that arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border last week.

The final group of migrants that arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, has crossed into California.

"This was a concerted effort to make a circus at the border," Malkin said on "Fox & Friends."

Malkin explained that most of the migrants traveling in the caravan were offered asylum in Mexico but refused.

"What are they doing here?" Malkin asked. "It is for economic reasons that most of these migrants are trying to flout the border."

"They're being exploited by an open-borders lobby that has a special interest in making sure that we can't control our borders," she added.

A few hundred migrants – of the initial 1,000-plus – remained at the end of the 2,000-mile journey.

She referenced the Executive Office for Immigration Review, which "conducts immigration court proceedings, appellate reviews, and administrative hearings."

"Illegal aliens have more bites at the judicial and court and legal apple than American citizens do," she said.

President Trump on Friday called on Congress to change "weak and ineffective immigration laws," saying that the Southern Border is "under siege."

Malkin said that Trump was exposing border issues that made the migrant caravan "successful," but she added that immigration lawyers are "deliberately sabotaging our borders."

"It's not just the wall. It's the entire system," she said. "In that sense, it was a success to open peoples' eyes."

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