Benson: NBC News' False Report 'Was a Bad Look, Feeds Into' Trump's Narrative

A retired Green Beret master sergeant said that "it's embarrassing" the left won't admit that President Trump's tough talk when it comes to foreign policy is actually working.

Terry Schappert said Saturday that President Trump's rhetoric should receive full credit for the recent developments involving North Korea.

"It's embarrassing for the left," he said. "They just won't admit it, and they won't admit it on North Korea and I think it's going to hurt them."

"It's not just the talk," he added. "Your enemies will respect you if they think there's going to be action taken."

Schappert added that there was "a lot of talk" during the Obama administration that was "never backed up."

Trump on Friday said that details of his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un -- like date and location -- are being finalized.

Schappert said that North or South Korea might try to "con" the United States.

"What you should watch for [are]: sudden cancellations, pulling out, conditions being put on top of it right before," he said.

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