Trump: Media Only Wants to Talk About Russia 'Witch Hunt,' Stormy Daniels 'Crap'

Dan Bongino ripped Rep. Adam Schiff over his New York Times opinion piece that warned Democrats to not take "the bait" of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Bongino, a former secret service agent and NYPD officer, labeled the allegations of collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russians as a "set-up."

He said Schiff (D-Calif.) -- the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee -- has known the president is not guilty of collusion, and that such allegations are a "hoax."

"Adam Schiff's a fraud, I'm sorry. He's a fraud and I say that and I mean it," Bongino said. 

Schiff has been leading the opposition against the GOP's controversial FISA memo, calling it a "political hit job" on the FBI.

He wrote in his op-ed, "Let President Trump arouse his voters as he will, while Democrats continue to focus on the economy, family and a return to basic decency."

Bongino said that the only reason Schiff wrote the piece is because the American public is beginning to see that there was, in fact, no collusion at all.

"[Schiff] is not doing the right thing. He's doing the easy thing," Bongino said. "They're going to be horrified -- the Democrats -- at the truth."

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