LOOK: Anti-NRA and Anti-GOP Signs Displayed at Philadelphia Elementary School

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery said on "Outnumbered" Friday that many gun owners feel "unfairly demonized" after February's school shooting in Parkland, Florida. 

The "Fox Business Network" anchor reacted to President Trump's upcoming address to the National Rifle Association in Dallas. Kennedy said Trump may feel the same way in general. 

"Both President Trump and the NRA feel they have been inappropriately demonized. ... The NRA lost control of the narrative after Parkland," she said, arguing that many Second Amendment supporters were angered at the overall criticism toward the organization. 

Lisa Boothe cautioned Democrats against making gun control a big issue in the midterms, arguing that it "mobilizes" Second Amendment supporters to vote.  

Democrat Marie Harf said the conversation could start to change in favor of stricter gun control over time. 

"These policies change over time and it feels like this may be a moment that's starting to shift," she argued. 

Some of the survivors of the Parkland high school massacre have kept up the anti-NRA rhetoric since the attack, calling for strict new gun laws. They've also pushed a new campaign calling on lawmakers to reject funding from the NRA. 

Watch the discussion above.

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