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Washington Times writer Charlie Hurt questioned the shift in focus when it comes to the federal investigation into President Donald Trump.

Hurt said Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe was sanctioned as an investigation into whether Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

"Those are the charges that Mueller is going after," he said, adding that now, there is "nonsense about a Stormy Daniels NDA (non-disclosure agreement) payment and where it went."

He said that if Mueller's team was concerned about Russian collusion, the apparent new focus on potential FEC violations or payoffs to a porn star is completely different than the original premise.

"It's almost like going after Al Capone for his income tax evasion," Hurt said of the infamous Chicago mobster and murderer. "This has nothing to do with the serious charges that were leveled against the president."

Capone is best known for his mafia history, but he was also sought by law enforcement on tax evasion charges and allegations he was facilitating the distillation of moonshine.

Hurt said the change in tune may amount to some federal investigators wanting a "scalp on their wall."

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