Giuliani Rips 'Garbage Investigation' of Trump, Says Comey Should Be Prosecuted

Steve Hilton, host of "The Next Revolution," said Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is no longer a legal case, but a "political counter-revolution."

"This is not a Republican or Democratic thing. The establishment is saying to the people, 'You made a mistake in 2016 when you voted for an outsider. We're going to get rid of the outsider that you voted for, because we can't possibly have someone who's not one of us,'" Hilton said on "America's Newsroom."

He said that is a serious threat to democracy and the rule of law in America, and that's why the Mueller probe must be resisted and defeated.

"The people in this country get to decide who their president is, not the establishment," Hilton said.

Former Clinton adviser Doug Schoen agreed that the Mueller probe has yet to uncover any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but he said it must be allowed to run its course.

"I think it's rotten for our system, but we really need to see if there was collusion. And if there wasn't, that's what should be established," Schoen said, noting this "criminalization" of political differences also occurred when former President Clinton was in office.

Hilton said the problem is that Mueller's team and Trump's political opponents are looking for any possible piece of evidence to back up the "invented theory" of collusion, which was created by the Democrats as an excuse for their stunning loss in 2016.

"They invented this theory of collusion and now they're trying to prove it. They haven't got any proof, and in the process they're not just destroying people's lives -- like Michael Caputo, as we saw -- they are destroying our democracy. That's what they're doing. It's completely outrageous."

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