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In his Common Sense monologue Thursday, "Your World" host Neil Cavuto criticized President Donald Trump for a series of factually disputed statements and a history of changing the record on things he previously claimed.

Cavuto pointed to the change of tune since Trump first claimed not to recall anything about the payment made by his attorney Michael Cohen to porn star Stormy Daniels.

"You [now] insist that money from your campaign played no role in this transaction," Cavuto said of Trump's Thursday clarification.

Cavuto reiterated that he is not calling Trump a liar, but simply concerned with what he sees as a pattern in Trump's statements.

"How can you drain the swamp if you keep muddying the waters?" Cavuto asked. "Your own words on lots of stuff give me lots of pause."

"You said Russia didn't interfere [in the 2016 election] until some Republicans reminded you that they did," Cavuto said.

Cavuto said Trump's claims of an average or above average approval rating this far into his term does not pan out after a study of similar figures for Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush Sr.

He said Trump praised former adviser Gary Cohn as a staffer who was doing a great job, "until he wasn't."

Cavuto pointed to Trump's sudden change of opinion on former confidant Stephen Bannon.

But, Cavuto credited Trump with bringing the "prospect of peace" in the Koreas, calling it "remarkable."

He also said Trump is correct when he says some in the press are "out to get" him, but cautioned that many are "using your own words [against] you."

"That's your stink," Cavuto said. "That's your swamp."

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