'The Five' Take on Michelle Obama's 'Bad Parent' Metaphor for Trump

'Liberal Elitism': Pierson Rips Michelle Obama For Comparing Trump to Bad Parent

Michelle Obama referred to herself as the "forever First Lady" in a speech to a group of high school students. 

"I know you have everything it takes to succeed," she said Wednesday to thousands of high school seniors at Temple University in Philadelphia.

"I know that you are me, and if I can be standing here as your forever First Lady, then you can do anything you put your mind to. So remember this moment when you’re out there."

The remark at 2018 College Signing Day drew a huge cheer from the crowd. 

Mark Steyn reacted on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," saying the term for a "forever First Lady is 'queen,'" cracking up Tucker by breaking out into an impromptu song about it. 

"I don't believe in this practice of extending senator and governor titles for life," he said. 

The label, "forever First Lady," came from actor Nick Cannon, who along with other A-listers joined Obama at the fifth annual celebration, the first in Philadelphia, AP reported.

Other celebrities, like Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Zendaya and Rebel Wilson, were also in attendance. 

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