Giuliani: Stormy Daniels and Attorney Are 'Stick-Up Artists' Who Targeted Trump

A former Trump campaign adviser said Wednesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators are very much still looking into possible collusion with Russia. 

"They're still looking for Russia collusion," Michael Caputo told Tucker Carlson, adding it's the only thing he talked about with Mueller's team in a three-hour session earlier that day. 

Caputo, who advised the campaign for much of Trump's run, said that the collusion issue was the only thing he discussed. 

"Anyone who thinks collusion is off the table, they haven't visited with the Mueller team."

Caputo said there was no collusion, but that Mueller's team knows "more about the Trump campaign than anybody who worked there."

"They know more about what I did in 2016 than I do myself," he noted, adding he has amassed $125,000 in legal bills "for nothing," in addition to receiving death threats. 

"I'm just a witness, I can't imagine if someone is a subject or a target what they're going to go through," said Caputo, vowing he will never work on another Republican campaign. 

"This is a punishment strategy. I think they want to destroy the president, destroy his family, destroy his businesses, destroy his friends," he argued, seeing it as a way to intimidate future businessmen from running for president. 

In an interview on "Fox & Friends," Rudy Giuliani - who recently joined Trump's legal team - called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the Mueller probe.

Watch the interview above.

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