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A Utah high school student who was accused of racism for wearing a traditional Chinese dress to her prom said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends" she has no regrets about the choice. 

Keziah Daum, 18, posted the controversial pictures on Twitter on April 22 with the simple caption, "PROM."

One of the photos shows Daum crouching down in the red-orange embroidered gown, posing with a group of her friends with their hands folded together — a gesture many deemed inappropriate.

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Daum, a senior at Woods Cross High School, quickly received hundreds of angry comments, with people calling her "ignorant" and a "closet racist" and accusing her of cultural appropriation because she's not Chinese.

Daum tweeted that she understands her critics' concerns, but she meant no harm and is tired of the backlash.

Daum explained Wednesday that she bought the dress because she thought it was beautiful and she wanted to show her admiration and respect for Chinese culture.

As for criticism of the pose in the photo, Daum explained that it was a reference to a meme from the popular YouTube channel H3H3 Productions.

"There's going to be people who aren't always going to be pleased. And I've learned to accept that," Daum said. "I know what I've done and the reason why, and that's what I tell myself."

Despite the negative feedback, Daum said she would "definitely" wear the dress again. 

"I feel that our society is growing a lot in being able to accept other cultures and showing your appreciation. And I feel that if we are able to do these things -- whether it's wearing a dress or supporting them verbally -- we can maybe even end racism," she said. 

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