ICE Director Homan Delayed Retirement Because Trump Asked Him to Stay

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy on Wednesday dismissed California Gov. Jerry Brown's comments on immigration, saying that "nobody cares" what he has to say on the issue.

Brown called Vice President Mike Pence a "problem for the whole country" after he was told by a reporter that Pence said California's border issues affect the rest of the country.

"Immigration is the purview of the federal government," Campos-Duffy said. "Nobody cares what Gov. Brown has to say about immigration."

"They elected Donald Trump, who really understands where the American people are at."

Nearly 200 migrants are parked at the nation's busiest border crossing, planning to seek asylum in the U.S. following their dramatic journey in a caravan through Mexico, which sets up a showdown with the Trump administration over immigration and asylum policy.

Campos-Duffy added that Trump wants to find a "solution" for those who came to America legally and for Dreamers.

She labeled the migrant caravan as "a PR fail" and said it has highlighted "how dysfunctional our immigration asylum system is."

"The migrants waving Honduran flags and singing the Honduran national anthem isn't helping and doesn't create sympathy," she said.

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