ICE Director Homan Delayed Retirement Because Trump Asked Him to Stay

Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said Tuesday that he filed a bill that would raise the threshold for those immigrants seeking asylum in the United States.

McCaul said that he's discussed closing legal loopholes with his committee and that the "standard is very low" when it comes to determining "credible fear" of persecution to claim asylum.

"To get around that, the cartels teach [immigrants] these magic words. And once they say that, they are allowed under current law to stay in the United States ... that's why Congress needs to act," he said.

McCaul said that immigrants seeking asylum "exploit" the definition of credible fear.

He said asylum-seekers tell border officials that drug cartels have threatened them and that if they return to their country they'll die.

"In fact, the drug cartels are the very ones who have actually escorted them through Mexico, and now as you see them climbing this physical barricade coming into United States," he said.

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