Tucker on the 'Anti-Border Party': Dems' Positions on Illegal Immigration Are 'Crazy'

A state senator in California is proposing legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to serve on state and local boards.

State Sen. Ricardo Lara (D) introduced Senate Bill 174 on Monday, amid an ongoing immigration policy battle within the state.

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren said on "Fox and & Friends" that she actually encourages these far-left policy moves, believing they will help Republicans in the state. 

"Go as far to the left as you want to because people are going to speak up," she said Wednesday.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the bill "would delete the phrase 'transient aliens' from the government code," allowing undocumented residents 18 or older to serve on civil boards and commissions.

In a statement, Lara said, “California’s two million undocumented immigrants are a source of energy for our state.”

Lahren predicted there will be a "resurgence of logical thought" when it comes to liberal policies toward illegal immigrants in the Golden State. 

"The more [that] the California representatives move to the left on this issue, the more fed up Californians are becoming," Lahren said.

In March, an undocumented attorney was appointed to a statewide post in California. The state allows undocumented immigrants to practice law, get a driver's license, receive in-state tuition and receive some welfare benefits. The state will pay the person's legal fees if arrested.

"Holding office ... that is a privilege afforded to citizens. That is not a privilege or a right afforded to people that didn't respect this country enough to follow the rule of law to get here. Period," Lahren said.

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