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At the Fox News West Virginia GOP Primary Debate, Martha MacCallum challenged the three candidates who accused each other of "carpetbagging" and holding "Jersey Values."

Rep. Evan Jenkins of Huntington has run advertisements against State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, pointing out how Morrisey hailed from the Garden State and ran unsuccessfully for Congress there in 2000.

MacCallum noted that, as a New Jersey native herself, the candidates should explain what they meant by "Jersey values."

Morrisey, who ran for the Raritan Valley area seat now held by Rep. Leonard Lance (R-N.J.) said his campaigns have been focused on conservative values rather than geographic values.

"Show me someone who's done more to go [against] the wretched excess of the Obama era," he said, calling himself the "only one on the stage who is a conservative."

Morrisey said his self-described lifelong conservative values are consummate to what "West Virginia values" would be as well.

Jenkins countered that Morrisey went wherever it would help his political career. He said Morrisey moved to Washington, D.C. after losing the 2000 primary in New Jersey and came to Harpers Ferry in 2006 "shopping for a state for [his] political career."

Morrisey responded that Jenkins should be "ashamed" for being a former Democrat and rallying for former Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.). Jenkins replied by noting that popular Republicans like Presidents Reagan and Trump were both former Democrats.

MacCallum also challenged the third candidate on the stage, former coal baron Don Blankenship, for appearing to reside much of the time in Nevada, where his probation officer is also based and where he has paid taxes.

Blankenship remarked that his business history proves he's paid more taxes to West Virginia than Jenkins and Morrisey.

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