Heartbreaking Photos of Vets Being Neglected at VA Spark Outrage

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The Salt Lake City VA is apologizing after a local veteran's photos of his filthy room at a VA clinic went viral.

Retired Army Sgt. Christopher Wilson, who served two tours in Iraq, had an appointment at the clinic on April 5 to get injections in his ankle and the surrounding area.

When he was taken to a room, Wilson was shocked to see debris on the floor, a dirty sink, a full garbage can, open medical kits and cutting tools strewn about on the counter.

He snapped a few pictures, which his father shared on Twitter on April 27, even tagging President Trump in the tweet.

Dr. Karen Gribbin, the chief of staff at the Salt Lake City VA, has apologized to Wilson and is investigating why the room was a mess.

On "Fox & Friends," Wilson said the condition of the room was "pretty disturbing," and he sees a troubling trend of VA services getting worse as wait times grow longer.

He revealed he was supposed to have a six-month follow-up appointment, but the earliest the clinic can see him is February 2019 -- a 10-month wait time.

"It seems to come from the top down. I don't know if it's a lack of leadership or just bad leadership, but it feels like there's some pretty deep issues with the VA in general," Wilson said.

He said a solution would be to privatize veterans' health care and allow veterans to visit any health care provider in the private sector.

"It would take the strain off the VA system, it would give veterans more options to get their treatment where they would like to, closer to their homes," Wilson said. "People have to drive 150 miles to be seen in the Salt Lake clinic. It's a mess."

President Trump's nominee for VA secretary, Dr. Ronny Jackson, withdrew last week after questions were raised about his workplace behavior. A replacement has yet to be nominated after Trump fired VA Secretary David Shulkin a month ago. 

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