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Tucker Carlson ripped alleged questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller intends to ask President Donald Trump, if he ever agrees to sit down with the former FBI director.

Carlson said one of the questions first reported by the New York Times asked why Trump has been criticizing former FBI brass James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

He said that if a friend asked the question, the answer would be easy, but that a formal prosecutor has "no business" asking about a president's "opinions."

"Since when is criticizing FBI officials a crime in this country?" Carlson asked.

He said that many of the questions lead to the belief that Mueller sees criticism of a government official as a possible crime.

He said Mueller's questions appear as if "dissenting views... must be justified to a prosecutor."

"Your opinion? Whose business is that?" he asked. "Trump has the right to any opinion he wants. Trump got elected. Mueller didn't."

Carlson added that the entire ordeal stems from what he considered the Washington establishment's belief that a war with Iran has been necessary "for years."

"Russia needed to be the enemy," he said. "Never mind China or Mexico or countries whose behavior is actually hurting the U.S."

He dismissed the Russia derision as ridiculous, calling the geographically massive country one with "an economy the size of Texas that can't make a working escalator."

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