Judge Nap on 'Political Justice' at DOJ: They Prosecuted Roger Clemens, But Not James Clapper

Rep. Peter King said Tuesday that if President Trump is going to answer questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, his lawyers need to be sure it won't be a set-up to try to catch the president in a lie. 

A lengthy list of questions that Mueller wants to ask Trump was leaked to The New York Times.

More than half of the approximately 50 questions relate to possible obstruction of justice, and about a dozen involve allegations of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

"The president's lawyers, if he's going to testify, have to get more assurances that this is going to be a real questioning and not a perjury trap or an attempt to find some harmless contradiction," King (R-N.Y.) said.

King told Bill Hemmer that he reviewed the questions and did not see any on which there wasn't an "adequate" answer.

"I think the president could answer all of those," he said.

The president blasted the leak on Twitter, calling it "disgraceful" that the questions made it out to the media.

"You could be perfectly innocent, you could be telling the truth, but your testimony or your statement could conflict with something else that they've heard from somebody else," King added.

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