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California Rep. Maxine Waters is going after a new target: rapper Kanye West and his praise for President Donald Trump, according to remarks obtained by Politico.

Waters, a Los Angeles Democrat who has called for Trump to be impeached, attended an event in Oakland, Calif. with members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Politico reported that they asked Waters about Trump's claims of record low black unemployment figures and of praise the president has been receiving from West.

Waters said West is a "creative young man" and credited him with creating "revolutionary material" for African-Americans.

But, she warned that West "talks out of turn" and "sometimes needs some assistance in helping him (sic) to formulate some of his thoughts."

Waters questioned whether West "understands the impact" of his praise of Trump or how it resonates in the black community and for "young people."

"Maybe he should think twice about politics and maybe not have so much to say," she reportedly said.

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