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Jesse Watters said President Donald Trump should be alarmed at what Special Counsel Robert Mueller apparently wants to ask him, citing leaked questions attributed to the former FBI director's team.

"They don't care if he fails, I think they're more worried about him succeeding," Watters said.

Watters said the Mueller probe is supposed to be about colluding with Russia, but judging by the leaked questions, Mueller appears to be playing the role of a wily "therapist" intent on "getting inside the president's head" and thereby proving "obstruction."

"I don't think that Mueller has a [collusion] case against the president. He's building a very deadly serious case," he said.

Watters said that if Trump answered the largely "open-ended" questions under oath, "you're going to be impeached."

He said that many of the questions are about Trump's tweets.

"If you can get indicted for tweeting something, that's crazy," Watters said.

"I think Mueller is trying to criminalize the exercise of presidential power. 'Did you discuss pardoning [Michael] Flynn?'" Watters said, quoting a question. "Is that illegal?"

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