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Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said Robert Mueller's investigation into President Trump is being carried out incorrectly.

Bongino said that leaked questions from Mueller's probe show that the former FBI director is investigating Trump as an individual and not claims of collusion with Russia as otherwise described.

"Do you see the danger in this?" Bongino asked Sean Hannity.

"You investigate a crime and you find people. You don't find people and then go find a crime," he said.

Bongino said that Mueller's questions are open-ended, leading to the prospect that he is trying to let Trump talk extemporaneously and possibly "into a perjury trap."

He also commented on Hannity's monologue detailing criticisms of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller.

"Rod Rosenstein was the U.S. attorney in Maryland on the Uranium One precursor-case," Bongino said.

He said Rosenstein is "so conflicted" and must resign.

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