Baier: Netanyahu's 'Astonishing' Revelations Are 'Mortal Wound' for Iran Deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said President Donald Trump's decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is something that his people will remember "for many, many generations."

Trump announced his intention to move the embassy last year, and he also declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

"It took President Trump's leadership to say something so clear, a simple fact, to put forward a simple truth. But an important one," Netanyahu said on "Fox & Friends."

As Fox News reported, officials said "the hope is for the U.S. to develop only a 'footprint' [in Jerusalem] in May, with a target of a fuller complement and facility by the end of 2019."

A ribbon-cutting for the new embassy is slated for the middle of May, coinciding with Israel’s anniversary of its independence, which is May 14, 1948.

Netanyahu said Israel "would love to have [Trump]" attend the ceremony, though it's unclear if the president will be there.

"It's his decision. He has an open invitation," he said.

Trump said at a press conference on Friday that he "might" travel to the ceremony.

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