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Greg Gutfeld reacted to the raunchy speech given by comedian Michelle Wolf at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner over the weekend.

Much of Wolf's speech consisted of inherently personal jokes made at the expense of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who sat a few chairs away on the dais.

Gutfeld likened Wolf's performance to a tortoise on crutches: "You could see the jokes coming toward you."

He said Wolf presented herself as an "undiluted leftist," adding that it is apparent that people can "smear women, as long as you're on the right side politically."

Gutfeld said that if the ideologies were flipped, "it would be called misogyny."

He said that people on the left wing can often excuse terrible circumstances, making apparent references to former Sen. Edward Kennedy's (D-Mass.) Chappaquiddick incident and the fact former KKK leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia spent decades as a senior Democratic senator.

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