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Tucker Carlson debated Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, who said America has a responsibility as the "richest and most powerful country in the world" to show "compassion" and take in illegal immigrants from a Honduran caravan and elsewhere.

Ramos said America has a "long history of being accepting" to immigrants until the presidency of Donald Trump.

Carlson said he, like Trump, would like to see America "revert to a country of laws."

He challenged Ramos to explain why the members of the hundreds-strong caravan should be accepted on the basis of political asylum.

Ramos said it is America's responsibility to accept people who are reportedly fleeing violence.

Carlson said at least one member of the caravan professed his allegiance to MS-13 and others sat atop a border wall in Tijuana, across from San Ysidro, Calif. and waved Honduran flags.

He said such a display is a sign of invasion, not a sign of immigrants who want to contribute to the host country.

Ramos said America also has a strong demand for illegal drugs from Mexico, which contributes to the violence there.

"Talk about blaming the victim," Carlson responded.

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