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Feminists, please explain: Why is it sexist to attack liberal females, but funny to attack conservative women?

It’s time for Final Thoughts.

Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ dinner proved once again that hate, sexism, and bullying isn’t tolerated … unless it’s aimed at conservatives, or the Trump administration. Then it’s “comedy.” 

Wow. The leftists, comedians and “journalists” operate on one standard - the double standard. Can you imagine the uproar if Sarah Huckabee Sanders was a Democrat? 

Michelle, I’ll admit you are clever and witty. But you crossed the line. Not only did Sarah Sanders look beautiful, she was epitome of class and elegance. She embodies everything the feminists claim to advocate for: She’s a tough, accomplished, and intelligent woman - a true symbol of female empowerment.

And Michelle, she has more wit and class in her pinky than you do in your entire body. Take notes.

The dinner claims to be a celebration of top-notch journalists, and the free and independent media. It wasn’t. It was rude, vulgar and disturbing.

We all expected knocks at the Trump Administration. But that - that is just too far. The left has resorted to this kind of humor? Is that all they have? 

I don’t blame Wolf. She was being herself - a left-wing, former Daily Show contributor with a Netflix show to promote. She did her job. And honestly, I think Sarah Sanders is strong enough to take it. 

It’s the White House Correspondents’ Association that should have known better. Were they really surprised at the vulgarity and tastelessness? I doubt it. They allowed her the platform to become a new hero of the resistance. Is that what this dinner is for?

As for the association president’s statement Sunday, which called Wolf’s monologue "not in the spirit" of the group’s mission – why bother to apologize for something you knew was going to happen?” 

All this did was reinforce the notion that hoity-toity coastal journalists are completely out of touch with Americans, reality, and good taste. The more our president achieves, the more they hate him, and his supporters. 

Donald Trump didn’t create the leftist media’s ugly side. He just exposed it.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and Take Care.

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