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CRTV host Michelle Malkin said that Michelle Wolf's comedy routine at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner will inspire young women to stand up for conservative values.

Wolf not only took jabs at President Trump during her set but also mocked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and senior counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway.

"You know what this is going to inspire? A generation of independent, young girls to stand up for their values of being pro-life, being pro-Second Amendment, being pro-limited government," Malkin said.

Wolf's remarks received an outpouring of negative reaction from all over the country and from President Trump, who called her routine a "very big, boring bust."

Trump on Monday also deemed the annual event "dead as we know it" and said this year's was a "total disaster."

Malkin said she was proud to see, as a conservative woman, Sanders show dignity and remain calm while Wolf blasted her.

“It’s a complete disgrace that there wasn’t a single person on the dais that interrupted that woman as filth was coming out of her mouth,” Malkin said.

Wolf defended her remarks, replying to criticism on Twitter by saying that she did not comment on Sanders' appearance, but rather her "despicable behavior."

Malkin also added that the White House Correspondents' Association needs to change its attitude, not the format of the dinner.

"No, change your attitude and change your filthy mouths!" she said.

In a statement, the association's president, Margaret Talev, said members' views on the dinner's format will be taken into consideration going forward.

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