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Matt Schlapp said that Americans "deserve better" than to have to respond to what he called a "made-up emergency" that is the migrant caravan that arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday.

The individuals in the caravan traveled through Mexico to the border in California seeking asylum.

Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, said that the United States has "very good" immigration laws, but they come under fire because of official intervention in extraneous circumstances.

"It seems to trump the rational order of a normal immigration process," he said. "All of us deserve better than to just respond to these types of made-up emergencies," he said.

Schlapp also said that border fence is "stupid," as many immigrants were seen Sunday climbing on top of it and were able to easily make their way over to the other side.

"Secure the border. If it takes a wall, I would just say secure it so that people can't go over," he said.

"It seems really basic, right?" he added.

The caravan, which started in late March, drew as many as 1,500 people as it crossed Mexico. That number later dwindled to around 500.

Schlapp accused the left of politically "showboating" with its support of the immigrants arriving at the border on Sunday.

He said that other Americans might find it "appalling" that those in the migrant caravan are cutting ahead of thousands of immigrants looking to enter the United States legally.

"This caravan is one thing. This happens every day at the border," he said.

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