'Lost Their G--Damn Humanity': PBA President Furious Over Release of Cop Killer

President of the National Border Security Council, Brandon Judd, criticized the migrants who are part of a caravan headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border, saying that the individuals don't take the laws of the United States into consideration.

The caravan is tenting in facilities in Tijuana, Baja California Norte – across from the state of California – and reportedly preparing to head to the border by Sunday.

"To say that we don't respect peoples' rights is completely false," Judd said Saturday. "What happens is they don't respect our laws.

"They disappear into the shadows of society, and we never hear from them again until they break the laws."

The caravan started in late March near the Guatemala border and initially drew as many as 1,000 people.

Judd said that the issue goes beyond just illegal entry into the country and that gang members and the violence potentially accompanying the caravan needs to be stopped.

"How many more Americans need to lose their lives to illegal immigrants until we take a stand?" he asked.

President Trump has been critical of the caravan, deeming it a "disgrace" on Twitter.

Many of the migrants are expected to seek asylum when they arrive at the physical border. Lawyers will also be giving free advice to those who do wish to seek asylum on how they should conduct themselves to officials.

"These individuals are hoping that we're going to continue with the catch-and-release policy, that we're going to release them and then they're just never going to show up to their court date," Judd said.

Judd also praised the president for his "miraculous" stance and enforcement of immigration laws.

"He's doing a great job on this particular topic, and he's got [Department of Homeland Security] Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen that is backing him up on this issue," he said.

Watch the segment from "Fox & Friends" above.

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