Man Sues Bar for Refusing Service Over Trump Hat

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A Pennsylvania man who was kicked out of a bar in 2017 for wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap lost his lawsuit against the watering hole in New York's West Village.

New York County Supreme Court Justice David Cohen ruled that "The Happiest Hour" was within its rights to kick out Greg Piatek of Philadelphia because the law does not protect against political discrimination.

"I would take this all the way up to the high court," Kimberly Guilfoyle said in responding to the verdict.

"It's important. It's an issue involving speech. Speech should be protected," Guilfoyle said.

The bar's attorney, Elizabeth Conway, said only religious beliefs are Constitutionally protected. "Supporting [Donald] Trump is not a religion," she said in court.

Greg Gutfeld disagreed with Guilfoyle's suggestion, saying that Piatek was not exactly "kicked out" as claimed.

Gutfeld said Piatek paid his hefty bar tab and had been in the establishment for some time.

He said he does not like seeing lawsuits over "small, petty things."

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