Limbaugh Blasts Comey, 'Double Standard' in Press Coverage

Comey Pushes Back on Trump Claims He Was a 'Leaker & Liar'

Wall Street Journal editorial board member Kim Strassel said President Trump is not helping his cause by repeatedly calling Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe a "witch hunt."

Trump took to Twitter on Friday to react to a House Intelligence Committee report finding “no evidence” of collusion between the Russian government and Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, declaring that Mueller's investigation "must end now."

On "Happening Now," Strassel said criticizing or threatening to fire Mueller won't help Trump, and explained two bold actions she believes he could take to "reset" the Russia dynamic.

She said the first is to have his legal team make the argument that the Mueller probe is no longer looking into possible collusion, but instead obstruction of justice, which she said is a "non-starter" on constitutional grounds.

"You cannot construe a president to be obstructing justice when he's engaged in his core constitutional functions, and that includes directing law enforcement and firing people like Mr. Comey," Strassel said, explaining that could take the entire obstruction topic off the table.

She said the second action Trump could take would be to direct the Justice Department to completely release everything underlying the FBI's Russia investigation and the FISA application to surveil former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

"Obviously with deference to sources and methods -- we don't want that to come out -- but the public just needs to see all of this. And it's very clear the Department of Justice and FBI are doing their very best to keep it hidden, even from Congress," Strassel said.

She explained that would shed light on many unanswered questions, such as what role the infamous anti-Trump dossier played in the FISA application.

"This is an unusual circumstance. And this is needed to restore some confidence in law enforcement, and to just start with a clean slate."

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