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Conservative activist Candace Owens reacted to the ongoing news brought about by rapper Kanye West's support for President Trump's penchant to express his free thoughts.

"The one thing [West] advocates most for in his music is independence," Owens said. That independence is "a big deal on the right."

Owens, who was also the subject of a laudatory West tweet, said the exchange constitutes the "beginning of what is going to be a very interesting time in black America."

Owens and "The Five" discussed how conventional wisdom places black Americans with the Democratic Party.

Greg Gutfeld dismissed claims that West is looking to improve his fan base ahead of an album release by making big news, saying that praising Trump will instead hurt him in the wallet.

Owens later said that President Obama had many black celebrities in the Oval Office for photo-ops, but that none of those visits translated to real change in the minority community.

Geraldo Rivera said he agreed with Owens that Trump's agenda may be beneficial for the black community, noting that Democrats have long "presided over the Camdens and the Baltimores."

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