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Tucker Carlson reported that an exclusive YouTube internal memo obtained by his staff shows its censorship guidelines are "totally subjective" and are designed with "maximum political intent."

Carlson said YouTube is a "digital video monopoly" owned by "digital search monopoly" Google.

Carlson recalled a case where conservative group PragerU posted a video challenging the notion that police are racist, but YouTube had it demonetized - where it could no longer make money for the uploader - and deemed it "inflammatory."

"If you don't think [cops] are [racist], you're in trouble," Carlson said of YouTube's apparent position.

Carlson said the memo shows YouTube is "smart enough not to scrub every video it wants to censor."

He said many videos end up in "limited state" which means they are pushed further down in search results and also demonitized.

Carlson said such a move would be like having a customer unable to locate the New York Times on a newsstand and to later find out its publishers couldn't sell it for money.

He said that while PragerU's video was censored, videos claiming whites are evil remain on the platform.

The memo said YouTube will censor videos that challenge the "freedom to belong, including the resulting benefits of diversity and inclusion" - a notion Carlson called "entirely subjective."

He said the memo also claims refugees are a "protected group," leading to the supposition that videos critical of refugee resettlement in the United States could also be censored.

"Nobody in power [in Washington] is fighting back against this," he said. "[YouTube] is working to undermine sacred American rights."

He reminded the audience that Republicans still control Congress and yet are doing "precisely nothing about this."

He called YouTube a "threat to this country," adding that "it's time to complain while we still can."

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