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A Michigan restaurant owner says city officials have ordered him to take down the flags that he hangs outside his Grand Rapids establishment honoring police officers and military personnel killed in the line of duty.

Johnny Brann, owner of Brann’s Steakhouse, said he received a letter notifying him that the display violates city zoning ordinances, but he says the flags are not coming down.

Brann said he's applied for a zoning variance with the City of Grand Rapids Zoning Appeals Board, but even if his application is denied, he's keeping the flags.

A GoFundMe petition was launched to raise money to cover the $1,349 fee for the zoning variance application, and it quickly raised more than $2,500. Brann said he will donate the excess money to pro-police charities.

On "Fox & Friends First," Brann noted that 22 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty in the U.S. so far in 2018, and he said it's important that fallen heroes are not forgotten.

"The people of the United States got to understand the importance of law enforcement. They protect us. They protect and serve. If you call them, it doesn't matter who you are, what time it is. If your life's threatened, they're coming to help. And they risk their lives every day they walk out to do their job," Brann said.

"Law enforcement and our military are vital. So it's not even complicated to me, and the banners and the signs are staying up."

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