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In the newest installment of "Mom Texts," "The Five" host Jesse Watters read messages sent to him by his mother Dr. Anne Watters.

Mrs. Watters, who is more politically liberal than her son, texted Jesse to "be so careful" in discussing the potential firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"Trump will be impeached if he fires Mueller. We live in a nation of laws," Mrs. Watters wrote.

In another message, Mrs. Watters told Jesse that co-host Dana Perino shares "more balanced sources" on news of the day, and that his recent characterization of a political development as a "nothing burger" was "inaccurate and woven from tattered cloth."

She also said her son was being "obnoxious to [his] co-hosts," a contention that Kimberly Guilfoyle joked could be an "evergreen" comment.

Mrs. Watters also recently asked Jesse to pick up a copy of former FBI Director James Comey's book "A Higher Loyalty."

"I picked it up, and put it down," Watters joked.

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