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Former Clinton staffer Annafi Wahed joined "Fox & Friends" to discuss her recent op-ed in which she argues that her fellow liberals have become "arrogant" in political discourse.

Wahed wrote in the Wall Street Journal that liberals must "stop the ideological purity tests and admit there are more ways than one of solving a problem."

"Can we stop being such jerks?" she wrote, calling for some bipartisanship.

Let's assume the pollsters are right this time, and Democrats win the majority in 2018. Then what? Follow Mr. Trump's example and undo everything from the last two years? What happens the next time Republicans regain control? Unless we hatch a plan to stay in power forever, we're going to need bipartisan support for our policies so they can survive the pendulum swings. How is that possible if the left refuses to engage with viewpoints from the right?

Wahed told Steve Doocy that she shopped her op-ed to more liberal publications like the New York Times and Washington Post but they declined to publish it. She said she was honored that the Journal, a corporate cousin of Fox News, accepted her submission.

"[Liberals] don't know how to engage constructively with ideas that are not their own," she told Doocy.

Wahed said liberals have been "incredibly arrogant" toward the 63 million people who voted for President Donald Trump, adding that most of those millions are not "sexist or xenophobic" or "duped" by propaganda.

"Our side does not do a good job of reaching out to others," she said, adding that she is concerned that hype about a "blue wave" in November may be overblown, just like the experts' predictions in 2016.

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