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Teacher Accused of Bullying Middle School Student About Trump, Fox News

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski called out what he sees as unfair treatment of President Trump's nominee for secretary of Veterans Affairs. 

Dr. Ronny Jackson withdrew his name from consideration Thursday morning over allegations of past workplace misconduct, including drinking on the job. 

Democrats, led by Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), the ranking member on the Veterans Affairs Committee, were critical of the pick over the past week. Tester alleged that as White House physician, Jackson handed out prescription drugs "like they were candy" to staffers on foreign trips. 

"These are called controlled substances for a reason," Tester told CNN

Lewandowski argued that Jackson was the victim of "salacious, unfounded" claims by individuals who never came forward. 

"In this country, we're still allowed to address our accusers. That's not what's happened here," he said on "Outnumbered."

Marie Harf countered that Republican support for Jackson also "cratered" on Capitol Hill.

"If he did some of these things, he should not be VA secretary," she said.

Katie Pavlich responded that the allegations were still not proven and that Jackson was "railroaded" out of the nomination.

Lewandowski said former President Obama had "high praise" for Rear Adm. Jackson and that the situation represents "the worst that Washington has to offer."

"You've now maligned an individual who served our nation in uniform," he said, questioning who would be better to lead the embattled VA. 

In an interview Thursday morning on Fox & Friends," Trump went after Tester, saying he'll "have a big price to pay" with voters in Montana, where Trump won easily in 2016. 

Watch the discussion above.

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