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Bill Cosby Guilty: Former Prosecutor Explains Why Sexual Assault Retrial Turned Out Differently

Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell said his "heart is broken" knowing what comedian Bill Cosby did to his victims in his sexual assault case.

Cosby, 80, was convicted in a Norristown, Pa. courtroom on three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault against victim Andrea Constand.

Cosby, a now-former Temple University trustee, was convicted of sexually assaulting Constand, a former staffer for the North Philadelphia school's women's basketball team, in 2004.

Nearly 60 women additionally accused Cosby of similar misconduct.

Caldwell said it is unfortunate that someone like Cosby, who he said was looked up to by many in the African-American community for decades, could commit such heinous acts.

Caldwell said many people had an image of Cosby that was similar to his "America's Dad" figure as Dr. Cliff Huxtable, the patriarch of a well-to-do television family.

"My heart is broken knowing what he did and knowing what so many [people] invested in that visual of what we thought was a really good man," Caldwell said.

"This was America's Dad for many in the black community," he said, adding that the Huxtables were seen as the first "black family that was somewhat of a super power."

Caldwell credited the "MeToo" movement with shining a light on Cosby's actions, saying that the conviction is also a wake up call to many people who looked up to Cosby as a mentor-like figure in his acting life.

Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene added Cosby's conviction marked a "good day for victims" of sexual assault.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele lauded the conviction as Cosby was led out of the courtroom and chauffered to his Cheltenham home.

Cosby attorney Thomas Mesereau promised to appeal the ruling, in a statement outside the courthouse.

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