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A public elementary school in Philadelphia has sparked outrage by displaying signs with anti-NRA and anti-GOP slogans at the entrance to the school.

The signs, which were created by students amid the ongoing national debate over gun control, have slogans like "NRA - Go Away, GOP - Enough BS," "Protect Kids, Not Guns" and "Stop the NRA."

Republican strategist Erin Elmore lives near Albert M. Greenfield School, and after seeing the signs, she sent the school a right to know request.

"You want to know: When were these signs made? What resources were used? Did you consult with any outside political groups?" Elmore said, noting that she got no response from the school.

A school district spokesperson issued a statement after "Fox & Friends" reached out: "We support students' rights to self-expression as long as that expression does not disrupt an orderly school environment, and these signs are not in violation of School District of Philadelphia policy."

Elmore said the problem is that the signs are divisive and only represent one point of view.

"Children as young as five go to this school. They're being used as political pawns. And it's scary," Elmore said, revealing that she no longer plans to send her son to Albert M. Greenfield School when he starts kindergarten.

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