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Tucker Carlson had some advice for Republicans heading into this November's midterm elections: Don't focus on Hillary Clinton.

According to a recent report, attacking Clinton will be a big part of the Republican Party’s midterm strategy, even though the former presidential candidate and secretary of state last served in the government in 2013.

“Instead of telling voters what they would do with another two years in office, they’ve decided to run once again against Hillary Clinton," Carlson said. "It worked last time. The idea is that it will work again."

He said the appeal of the strategy is obvious, since nobody really likes Clinton, even those who are "paid to pretend they like her."

Just 36 percent of Americans viewed Clinton favorably in a December Gallup poll, an all-time low mark.

"The downside is, it's not really a relevant argument. Hillary Clinton doesn't run anything anymore — she doesn't represent the modern Democratic Party. They've moved on to another planet. And that's the point," Carlson said.

He explained that a better midterm strategy for Republicans would be to focus on how extreme Democrats have become on everything from gender to immigration to Russia.

"They are insane. Some of them are dangerous. And somebody ought to run against them, not against the ghost of some elderly, retired nominee from last cycle," Carlson said.

"Yet somehow, the Republicans in Congress say they're not gonna do that. Are they?"

Watch his commentary above, with reaction from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

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