Trump: If Iran Threatens America, They 'Will Pay a Price Like Few Countries Have Ever Paid'

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer fired back Wednesday at comments made by CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta to Variety

Acosta, American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan and Washington Post White House reporter Ashley Parker sat for an interview on covering the "combative" Trump White House.

Acosta said that Americans don't realize President Trump's "act" when he attacks certain media outlets and refers to some as "fake news."

"They're not in on the act, and they take what he says very seriously," Acosta says.

"They don't have all their faculties, in some cases. Their elevator might not hit all floors," he added about Trump supporters.

Spicer touted the president's accomplishments in office, adding that if Trump is acting, "it's a pretty good play."

"Act one, get more jobs for American people: complete. Act two, strengthen our position in the world: complete," he said.

Spicer said Acosta's remarks show a lack of understanding of what is happening in the country. He noted that it's important for people to understand why Trump is addressing the concerns of people living in rural environments.

"For Jim not to understand that, and for him to continue to dismiss -- and quite frankly make fun of and ridicule -- people around this country is really sad," he said, adding that it's the kind of comments one expects to hear from a liberal activist, not a journalist. 

Earlier in the show, Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren ripped Acosta, arguing that the media telling Trump supporters that they're "stupid" will only help Republicans at the polls. 

She said Democrats should have learned the lesson in 2016 when Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters "deplorables."

UPDATE: Acosta responded on Twitter by saying he was referring specifically to "people who threaten journalists" and not Trump supporters in general. 

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