'Why Does Mexico Allow These People Through?': MacCallum Challenges Univision Anchor on 'Caravan'

CRTV host Michelle Malkin on Wednesday called for comprehensive immigration reform as a caravan of Central American migrants arrived at the southern border.

President Trump asked the Department of Homeland Security Monday to halt the incoming group of migrants, who reportedly plan to seek asylum and gain entry into the country.

"[Is America] a nation of laws or a nation of outlaws?" Malkin asked on "Fox & Friends."

Malkin cited a "dreadful lack" of physical border walls and "laxity" in the asylum system, saying the migrants are exploiting the country's regulations.

The group originally consisted of about 1,500 people, but has since shrunk to around 50 because of Mexican migration authorities and the presence of the U.S. National Guard at the border.

"All of these people in the caravan had already been offered asylum in Mexico. They do not qualify as the kind of persecuted, legitimate asylees that we should be awarding asylum," Malkin said.

Malkin added that the end of catch and release can't come from President Trump alone, saying that illegal immigrants remain in the country because they're being "exploited" by big businesses for "cheap labor."

"We are unable to discriminate between people who are here to do nefarious things and people who are here simply to improve their lives," she said.

Malkin also commented on the remarks made by CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta to Variety, which dismissed Trump supporters.

"A bottom-dweller, a basement-dweller like Jim Acosta shouldn't be talking about anybody else's 'intellectual faculties,'" she said.

Acosta said to Variety that Trump supporters "don't have all their faculties, in some cases. Their elevator might not hit all floors."

Malkin said that Acosta is attempting to "delegitimize" Trump's criticism of the press, adding that his comments were a "disgrace."

Watch the full segment from "Fox & Friends" above.

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