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Tucker Carlson said a new report claims a top left-wing think tank spent years protecting a sexual harassment suspect while retaliating against their victims.

According to Buzzfeed - which cited documents and interviews with 19 current or former staffers about the issues - The Center for American Progress "grappled with a divisive internal battle over sexual harassment during and in the aftermath of the 2016 election."

CAP was founded by Clinton confidant John Podesta, while its current president is former Dukakis and Clinton campaign staffer Neera Tanden and the chairman of its board is former South Dakota Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle.

Carlson said Tanden is an "outspoken feminist and a partisan" but appears to have ignored the claims from the alleged victims.

"I thought [Tanden] would be exquisitely sensitive to sexual harassment claims, but no," Carlson told radio host Tammy Bruce.

Bruce said the claims likely were covered up because of the leftist mentality that "if we face this or act on it, it'll harm the larger picture... harm our narrative."

"We saw this in Hollywood with [Harvey] Weinstein," she said.

Bruce said Democrats like those at CAP accuse President Donald Trump of "all kinds of things."

"Wouldn't it be embarrassing if they... were currently dealing with sexual harassment [claims]," she said.

Bruce said the liberal Democratic identity is based in "being superior."

Editor's note: This article has been updated after incorrectly stating the number of alleged victims. 

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