Gorka: Trump Election 'Scandal' 'Should Be Renamed ObamaGate'

Sean Hannity said many members of the mainstream media have been left "red-faced" by the progress made by President Trump with North Korea. 

He looked back at the numerous pundits who mocked President Trump for supposedly moving the country closer to nuclear war.

For instance, CNN's Dana Bash advised viewers to delete their Twitter app if they were losing sleep over a possible nuclear war. 

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times likened the two leaders to "two kindergartners."

Defense Secretary James Mattis said Monday he sees "a lot of reasons for optimism" about Trump's upcoming meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. 

His comments came after a stunning announcement by North Korea that it would suspend its nuclear and long-range missile tests ahead of the summit. 

Daniel Hoffman, a retired CIA senior intelligence officer, told Hannity that some pundits seem to have forgotten the successful strategy of President Ronald Reagan toward the Soviet Union. 

He noted that Reagan used strong rhetoric, like "evil empire," while at the same time pursuing arms control agreements. 

"It was his ability to show our strength which led to the potential for some negotiations. I think we're seeing the same strategy right now play out quite well," said Hoffman. 

Watch the segment above. 

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