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Tucker Carlson said the Democratic Party has "a lot of goals" for the American people, including suspending immigration enforcement, abolishing gender distinctions and taking away personal firearms.

He said that the latest "goal" is to institute reparations for African-Americans and descendants of slaves.

Carlson said that a group called Democracy Alliance that he said receives funds from far-left billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer believes that reparations can be a top 2022 Democratic platform agenda item.

Jon Summers, the former communications director for retired Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), said he supports the general idea of reparations.

Carlson asked for specifics, including whether new Mexican immigrants would be on the hook for paying reparations as much as established American citizens.

Summers said he felt awkward having the discussion as "two white guys" who do not know what black Americans in the 19th Century experienced.

Carlson disagreed with Summers' premise, saying that as an American citizen and taxpayer, he is within his right to question actions conceived by his government.

"Who would pay? Who would benefit?" he asked.

Summers said specifics would have to be hammered out in the future, but that reparations themselves may not "go far enough."

Carlson asked whether Summers' idea of an "even playing field" would include resettling immigrants and refugees in ritzy communities like Northwest Washington, the Upper East Side of New York and Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

He said that the routine of resettling them in middle- and lower-class areas with little economic future compounds the immigration problem.

Carlson said that idea is unpopular with Summers' party "because rich liberals don't want to live near them."

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