'It's Absurd': Ed Henry Blasts CNN for 'Sucking Up' to Kim Jong Un's Sister

President Trump called out ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl for what he deemed a "stupid question" at an appearance alongside French President Emmanuel Macron at the White House. 

Karl shouted a question to the president Tuesday about whether he would pardon his longtime attorney Michael Cohen amid an ongoing criminal investigation and following a recent FBI raid on his office.

"Stupid question," Trump responded, glaring at Karl as Macron smiled at the response. 

On "Outnumbered," Campus Reform editor-in-chief Lawrence Jones took issue with the question and the apparent bias by reporters. He said Cohen has not been charged or convicted, so the question about a pardon makes no sense at this juncture.

Jones said Karl and others, like CNN's Jim Acosta, seem to be repeating the Democrats' talking points in their interactions with the president. 

"I'm so sick of this. It is ticking me off," said Jones, adding that many reporters are "literally carrying the water" for Democrats and he believes many Americans are getting fed up. 

"I don't know how you can still call yourself a journalist," he said. 

Democrat Jessica Tarlov said there are legitimate questions about Trump and the Mueller and Cohen investigations, but this was the wrong forum for such a question.

"When you have [Macron's] state visit going on and you're talking about North Korea, Syria, the Paris accords. ... Maybe today is the day to ask Sarah Sanders about Michael Cohen, not the President of the United States."

Watch the discussion above.

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