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Florida school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv was recently called in for questioning by school officials for taking a trip to a gun range with his father.

Kashuv told Tucker Carlson that the interrogation was "a clear attempt to intimidate me."

He said he was called to the school office and met with a school resource officer before a sheriff's deputy showed up.

Kashuv posted a video of him firing a rifle at the range, captioned with a message intended to support respect for weapons and the constitutional right to bear arms.

"Because we can't trust our government to defend ourselves," he said.

Kashuv said the resource officer asked him why he's "taking five AP classes" and would still "do something like this."

"He came in with the notion that I've done something wrong by going to a gun range," Kashuv said.

He said the officer saw the video and was alarmed by it. Kashuv said he asked the officer if he read the actual tweet, to which the lawman responded "I don't do Twitter."

Kashuv said he asked the sheriff's deputy if he did anything wrong after the deputy began his own questioning.

"Whose gun is it and who did you shoot it with?" Kashuv recalled the deputy asking.

He said the deputy "tried to intimidate me into somehow incriminating my father."

Kashuv said the incident is reminiscent of a "clear road to tyranny."

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