Gutfeld: Kanye's Defense of Candace Owens 'A Big Deal' - 'He Challenged the Mob'

Conservative commentator Candace Owens responded to the outrage from the left over Kanye West tweeting his support for Owens' ideas.

West tweeted his support for Owens on Saturday after she shut down a Black Lives Matter protest during an event at UCLA, saying "I love the way Candace Owens thinks."

"He is the only person that is in hip-hop or that has a public stage that is willing to think independently," she said, adding that she and West both refuse to engage in "groupthink." 

She said on Friday that she believes an "ideological civil war" is happening with African-American people, with some focusing on "their past" and others on "their futures."

"I don't believe because I have a certain skin tone that I absolutely have to subscribe to all these ideas, which on paper do not make any sense whatsoever," she said Tuesday on "Fox & Friends."

Ebro Darden, a host on the popular New York City hip-hop radio station Hot 97, reaffirmed West's support for President Donald Trump, saying that West told him, "I love Donald Trump."

Owens said that West's support for the president is "not shocking whatsoever," adding that he has "always been an outlier in terms of having his own mind."

"They told Kanye that he couldn't be in fashion so he created an entire brand. They told Kanye that he couldn't like Kim [Kardashian] so he married her," she said.

"This is who Kanye West is fundamentally."

Owens also said that through both West's support and the backlash she has received, she's learned that the left has "created a system where black people are ideological slaves."

"[West] simply said seven words ... and this became a front news story across every single platform. That is only because he is not allowed to think differently as a black man," she said.

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