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Martha MacCallum and Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo discussed the "caravan" of Honduran nationals transiting through Mexico toward the United States border.

MacCallum said Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the caravan's actions a "deliberate attempt to undermine our laws and overwhelm our system."

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox added that the Trump administration's actions toward illegal immigration have "killed" the "American dream."

Acevedo said the caravan's plan "from the beginning" was not to cross into the United States.

He said they would come to the border and instead take the legal step of claiming asylum.

"We're not facing a national security crisis, we're facing a humanitarian crisis," he said.

MacCallum responded by asking Acevedo why Mexico "allows all these people to come through... their country."

She said that Mexico also sometimes instructs potential emigrants to the United States on the best ways to seek asylum.

Acevedo said the idea of an "unsecured border" is not what is driving immigration, and added that it is unwise to compare any situation to how the Mexican government would treat it.

"Mexico treats those immigrants in the most horrible ways," Acevedo said.

"Why isn't Mexico providing a safe environment?" MacCallum asked.

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