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Greg Gutfeld said the media's critical narratives of President Trump "flunk" the "reality test," even if liberal journalists are so upset with the president that they need to "break out the therapy llamas."

Gutfeld said many in the media portray Trump's actions on the world stage as "harmful foreign policy."

MSNBC host and former Florida Republican Rep. Joe Scarborough said last October the GOP has a "responsibility" to discuss the "imminent threat that [Trump] poses to the safety and security" of the U.S.

Scarborough's co-host Mika Brzezinski said Trump is "humiliating America."

"That didn't age well," Gutfeld said of the clips, pointing instead to glowing remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron about his friendship with and respect for Trump.

"Our poor media: the sophisticated European adores our president. Someone break out the therapy llamas," he said, referring to reporting that some colleges are allowing students to spend time with the animals as they prepare for final exams.

Gutfeld said President Barack Obama was beloved by the media but not always respected internationally. The reverse is true about Trump, he said.

"Every single narrative the media uses to slam Trump seems to flunk the reality test," he said.

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